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WhatsApp for Firefox OS is now available to download

WhatsApp for Firefox OS is now available for download from the Marketplace, the wait is finally over, so all users (according to their version of FxOS) can enjoy the most used and downloaded instant messaging application in the world.

Although it seems incredible, WhatsApp and Mozilla have their offices in Mountain View, so a long wait seemed almost an eternity, however, not everything is rosy, since WhatsApp will be available only for those devices that update to Firefox OS 2.5 , version that will be announced tomorrow officially.

Until now, we do not know if the previous versions of Firefox OS , with which most of the devices on the market work, will be able to count on WhatsApp .

It is no secret that this could mark a before and after in terms of the popularity of Mozilla’s mobile operating system, since with the arrival of WhatsApp many users will be able to choose Firefox OS sooner rather than later. in lack one of the applications that must be present if or if, in a smartphone. As for the version, we will find the counterpart with Android, so the features should be the same.

You can access the Marketplace and download WhatsApp for Firefox OS if you have v2.5